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Random Attacks


This competition form is accessible for all martial arts and/or fighting sport practitioners that practice self-defence

There are two pairs competing against one another.
• Each pair consists of one competitor and one attacker.
• The competitor is the person who defends and/or frees himself from the random attack.
• The competitors are the ones being judged.


Euro Budo International is working closely with multiple federations, clubs, martial arts schools in different countries. The object of this joint effort is to align the regulations for the Random Attacks competition form. 

The International Random Attacks regulations apply for the international competitions and championschips. 

One can find the latest version of these international regulations here. (PDF version)

The Attacks

The combination of reaction time and the execution of a good and efficient technique decides the result of the contest. 

The Random-Attacks competition form has 40 various attacks being used in the different categories.  The attacks depend of the age of the competitors as well as their experience in self defense. The contestant doesn’t know in advance which attack is coming. 

At a signal from the Referee the partner executes the attack that was randomly chosen by the referee and which is only known to the partner.

The attack must be energeticly executed, with realistic intention and immediately at the referees signal. 

The 40 different attacks from which is randomly chosen can be found using the links below.