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Euro Budo International


Euro Budo International (EBI) offers an unique, global wide competition concept that is federation independent.  EBI has a broad vision and is open towards practitionars and organisations in different Martial Arts and/or Sport Fighting.  

At the moment two competition forms are promoted :

  • Random Attacks
  • Semi-Contact/Karate

Euro Budo International is working in partnership with multiple federations or clubs and martial arts schools in different countries.  The object of is joint effort is to align the regulations for the above mentioned competition forms.

Each federation is free to organise its local and/or national competition and shall, within that same open vision, allow participation to this competition for members and/or non members of Euro Budo International.

The rules will be common for international, national and local competitions.

The goal of this structured approach is to build an attractive system with common rules to allow Martial Arts and/or Sport Fighting practitioners to compete on an equal basis.


Euro Budo International has one official representative for each registered country who will actively promoot Euro Budo International and its activities towards local martial arts schools and Sport Fighting clubs.

This official representative will be the single point of contact (SPOC) for all the communication between his country and EBI as well as the other registered countries. 

It is however possible to have a hierarchical structure with one main responsible person for the country and a coördinator per competition form. within the same country.

All information about EBI, regulations, international competitions, etc. will be communicated through the single point of contact (= main responsible).

The main responsible  will, in coöperation with the competition coördinators, develop and promote the activities of Euro Budo International in their local martial arts Schools/Sport Fighting clubs and/or amongst their members.

They will also be responsible for selecting local athletes, judges and referees for attending to international competitions and courses.

How to register

Become main responsible person or competition official in your country

In case there is not yet a main responsible person or competition official for your country, you can apply for candidature. This can be done by using the contact form on this page.

Direct subscription of martial arts schools and/or Sport Fighting clubs

martial arts schools and/or Sport Fighting clubs can request membership with EBI, by using the contact form on this page.

We will  bring you in contact with the mainl Euro Budo International representative of your country. This will provide the possibility for martial arts schools and/or Sport Fighting clubs to have their students selected and attend to Euro Budo International events.

Registration Form